We're on Geek Cast Live Podcast Tonight!!!

Recently the awesome folks over at Geek Cast Live were nice enough to check our stuff out and talk about it on their podcast. In case you didn't catch it the first time around, you can listen to the episode. In addition to being a really fun listen, they had some wonderful things to say about our books during the show (I won't spoil it for you, go click the link. I promise you will enjoy the whole show, not just the bit about us). In fact, they were nice enough to do a brief follow up on Damn Heroes too. So when they asked us to be on the show, we were really excited! In fact, we've been looking forward to it weeks! So tonight go ahead and mosey on over to Geek Harder, their new home on the interwebs and check it out. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we will enjoy hanging with the crew. Check them out on twitter too @GeekCastLive.

Ars longa, vitae brevis.

-The Wayward Raven Crew