Did You Know We Have Webcomics?

Yes indeed we have Webcomics! For the past year (has it been that long?) we've been publishing a weekly webcomic, Damn Heroes. Damn Heroes is about Sebastian, a pour shlub who one day tries to cut through Hero City going five miles over the speed limit and is arrested by Captain Righteous, the city's top superhero. His sentence is to serve five years of community service in a city populated mainly by superheroes.

Come experience his trials and tribulations, like changing elderly superhero bedpans, dealing with a gamma irradiated chicken or just trying to find a date. Under the ever-vigilant gaze of Captain Righteous and the machinations of his supervillian landlord, the vile Doctor Entropy, life ain't easy for a normal guy in Hero City.

Where other webcomics only focus on gaming or unicorns, we go to the source and make fun of comics and webcomics! That is, unless you guys want more webcomics about games. 'Cause we've got some of that too!

Interested you are. Read it you should!

Webcomics: Damn Heroes strip-00047
Webcomics: Damn Heroes strip-00046
Webcomics: Damn Heroes strip-00044
Damn Heroes Webcomic strip-32