Damn Heroes Fun Book!!!

There comes a time in the life of every web comic, where each strip is painstakingly collected, touched up, reformatted and bound into a paperback bound book. Given that Damn Heroes is a weekly strip that's barely a year old, Mark and I decided to get lazy...uh...creative! [clears throat]

Um...Anyway, we'd like to take this moment to introduce to you the Damn Heroes Fun Book. Inside you'll find more than just any collection of comic strips on dead tree flesh. No sir (or ma'am, because we don't discriminate) you'll find something better; twenty four pages of non-stop, brain taxing fun! You'll also find some of our favorite strips, along with a lots more fun games and puzzles!

It is available now through CreateSpace, just click here to buy the Damn Heroes Fun Book. Or if you stop by our table (number 2309) at Wizard World Philadelphia from 5/30 to 6/2, you can pick up a copy signed by Mark and Alex.

Here's a sample page: