CT Hot Dog Tour with @JLAJones and @CBCebulski Part 2 (Mark's Perspective)

(We now return you to the CT Hot Dog Tour, already in progress) Josh has already told you how the train derailment almost derailed the tour. It did delay it a bit, but I won't bore you with the details of how I sat on a very slow moving train going in the wrong direction. It was a hassle to get home and meet up with the guys, but I was able to do it safe and sound. I can only hope that the poor folks who were on both trains will be ultimately be okay.

When I caught up with Josh, CB and Jimmy they were enjoy a beer or two at Sweet Basil right next door to Super Duper Weenie. I'm bummed I missed Super Duper, I do enjoy their Cincinnatian dog (sweet chili with cheddar and onions), but I guess I can always go back on my own. It was a moral imperative that I downed a quick Sapporo or two myself before we moved on.

And move on we did. In my opinion, the best fast food place around is Duchess. They kick everyone else's butt in the chain burger and dog business. It's not as good as some of the places we went on the tour, but it does hold up well if you are just looking for a quick bite to eat. By then I was starving, so my dog tasted like ambrosia. Bacon on the bottom with some cheese and ketchup. Simple, yet effective. Of course I needed fries too. Grade of an A for fast food, about a B- for the tour. Not a bad start.

Duchess Hotdog - CT Hot Dog Tour

Here's a great pic of Josh mugging for the camera:

Duchess Josh - CT Hot Dog Tour

And one of CB striking a philosophical pose. What is the sound of one jaw chewing?

Duchess CB - CT Hot Dog Tour

The Merritt Canteen was the next stop on the tour. Open until 4 AM, so plenty of time to get there. He's a quick shot of CB and Josh out front.

Merritt Canteen CB and Josh - CT Hotdog Tour

They have some hot and tasty chili, but for some reason the Fried Onion Dog was calling my name. I think I was just looking for something different and that struck a cord. Keeping with the fried theme, I had to go with the Fried Mac and Cheese too. Both were good, but something was missing. I regret not getting a dog with chili. The fried onions were nice, but my dog just felt too plain. Presentation was solid, I particularly think it was cool how the fried mac and cheese was perfectly cut into triangles. Tasted like box mac and cheese went into the deep fryer. Good, but I miss what Mom used to make. Washed it down with a Black and White shake which was very good. Overall, I give it a B.

Merritt Canteen - CT Hot Dog Tour

The last stop before we turned in was at Barcelona. We all agreed we wanted at least one more drink and they make good tapas and sangria. Grabbed a pitcher of the red sangria to help wash down some chorizo and figs as well as a mushroom and goat cheese dish. CB pointed out that chorizo is pretty much a hotdog too, so we think this one counts. A very tasty dish, particularly when coupled with the sweetness of the fig. I didn't get a picture of that, but I did capture the mushrooms:

Barcelona - CT Hotdog Tour

Anyway, more to come next time when we get to the heart of the tour and some serious dogs. We also make a couple unscheduled stops that add up to some pleasant surprises, so stay tuned!