Comic book free preview. The Ascendant.

Greetings, Comic books are lovely. Getting a preview before buying is a good thing as well. So, please enjoy the first 10 pages of The Ascendant #1. Click on the cover to enlarge and then scroll along the slideshow for best viewing.

It's available for purchase on Comixology for $0.99 ->

It's available in print though our Comics page, which also has other pathways to digital form.


Ascendant - Mark C. Frankel

Ascendant page 01

Ascendant page 02

Ascendant page 03

Ascendant page 04

Ascendant page 05

Ascendant page 06

Ascendant page 07

Ascendant page 08

Ascendant page 09

Ascendant page 10


There you go. Hope you liked it. Here's the link to Comixology again where you can get the full digital comic for only $0.99.

And in print here->



Extra page from The Ascendant #2. Also available in our store or Comics page.