Advanced look at Signed's cover #comicbooks

Yup, that image was of me being attack by a Tusken Raider, but now to the business at hand. Well, Signed is off to the printers and will be making it's way out into the world soon. We will have the first issue available through our online store and hopefully at a few comic shops. If you are going to NYCC in October, you can swing by our booth in the small press section on the show floor and have a look. As Mark says, "We don't charge for fingerprints."

Without further interruption, here is the cover to our new series with a story arc involving the character C. She's a sorceress and a talent agent.

Signed Cover

And a bonus look at the yet to be completed cover for Issue 2, which will be off to the printer in a couple weeks.



BTW, we have bonus art in the book like a sexy pinup, but for that you will just have to pick up a copy and look inside.

Feel free to purchase copies of Horsemen and The Ascendant through the online store or through the retail links and bring them to NYCC to be signed while you come to pick up Signed.

Ars longa, vitae brevis.