A book of dirty secrets.

The Excess Road ain't straight and narrow. A novel.

All at once upon a time, a boy chased a girl and lost his mind. On a pastoral college campus, he sought love but only found a treacherous bind. The legacy of the lotus eaters drifts through the honeysuckle scented lawns and dorms. The intoxicated wonders of the night's slippery potentials slipped and whoops there goes the boy's mind.

There be: drugs, booze, sex, fights, college parties, stupidity, jail for a night....

And... hallucinations. Sorry guys, no lesbian or rough three-way sex scenes.

This novel was inspired by Brett Easton Ellis's work as well as William Styron. Tis an existential satire and an allegory to be sure but this has a crippled drug dealer and girl with motives impure. A shotgun goes Boom ! Boom!  and echoes across the sylvan setting.