List of 21 outlandish theories about Game of Thrones last season.

Here are 21 Outlandish predictions for the last season of Game of Thrones. 


These prognostications are everywhere, so we thought we might join. These are just fun speculations and perhaps some of them might come true. Most will not but they are amusing to think about. 



1—The Night King does not fly to Winterfell. The army of the dead heads to the castle there but he flies to King’s Landing. The Night King will propose marriage to Cersei Lannister as he can give her a dynasty that will last until the end of time. With no Jaime Lannister around, she accepts. We also find that the Night King has a similar seer skill as Bran just not as good.

2—Cersei is transformed into the Night Queen and this induces a little baby Walker/Other to be born. Euron Greyjoy witnesses this and tries to flee to the safety of his ships. The Night King does some Ice-Man style freezing of the sea and skates over to Euron, his previous competition, and freezes, in Euron’s own words, “His great big cock”.

3—Qyburn uses an override phrase and takes control of The Mountain so he can leave King’s Landing before being zombified himself. Before he leaves, he sets off the wildfire under the Red Keep. Doesn’t kill Cersei or the Night King, but he demolishes the place.   

4—Arya is cornered by the army of the dead and a few Faceless Men show up and things get ninja real quick. They are upset that the Many-Faced God was denied the victims of the Walkers. They stole from the Many-Faced God so they joined the war, but they are almost overwhelmed when Nymeria and her pack show up and the dead just become bones for the wolves to chew on.

5—Jaime Lannister dies a few episodes in and he was the only hope to get close to Cersei and take her out. Mellisandre comes out of the shadows and Jon Snow, now knowing he is Aegon Targaryen, tries to convince the Red Priestess to bring him back. They don’t think it will work since the Night King’s power has grown and covered the land. Then, we see Jaime riding to Cersei’s ice fortress. Yes, now she has an ice fortress. She allows him in and they speak. She said she see the world differently now, and Jaime seems shorter to her. Boom! He plunges a Valyrian steel danger into her heart. However, it is Arya in disguise. Cersei is no more. Arya gets to check a name off the list and technically Jaime Lannister was partially involved so the prophecy from Maggie the Frog comes to pass with him being her “younger” brother and all.

6—Obviously we get the Clegagne Bowl, but a wight Hodor comes and kills them both. Sorry, no happy ending for The Hound.

7—The Night King is about to kill Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly kills the Night King. He killed the first White Walker and so he will kill the last. As a result, he is granted anything he wants. He wants to marry Gilly and go to Horn Hill to raise young Sam. And he opens the greatest library in Westeros, which is open to the public.

8—The Golden Company lands in Westeros. At the head of the mercenary army, Daario Naharis. Guess he defied his queen’s orders after all and left Meereen and the Second Sons. Does he betray or save? It will be a little of both.

9—Our Kaleessi flies off to battle the Night King in the sky. Drogon is superior to Viserion but the Night King has ice spears. Dany begins to lose. Drogon is mortally wounded but is able to take out Viserion with a final blast of fire and a huge bite that lops off his neck. Drogon plummets as does the The Night King, but he does not die when impacting the ground. Before Dany hits, Jon swoops in on Rhaegal and saves his aunt/lover.

10—It is revealed in an ancient tome, by Samwell, that Grayscale was a magical means of turning men in dragons, but the spell went wrong in Old Valyria and was one of the factors of the Doom. And so, they set off to weaponize the Stone Men and use them against the army of the dead since they are part fire magic. A somewhat Ice zombie versus Fire zombie battle. 

11-- The gods arrive. At the very end, on the plane where Bran watches all of time and creation, familiar characters walk into the view around a Weir tree. We find Bran is the Many-Faced God, Arya is Death, Jon is R’hllor, Cersei is The Great Other, and Podrick is the Great Stallion (considering what Bron always says about him), and Tyrion is the Old God of the Children of the Forest. Maybe the Seven are represented too by Sansa and Eddard Stark along with others. The familiar symbols of gyre, spirals and circles seen throughout the story that are associated with the Children rise from the ground. They are about to step on these symbols when Tyrion stops and says, “Wait, this time I want to be Death. I tire of drinking and knowing things. I want some action.” They all nod and shift around to different symbols. Bran says, “Reset the game.” 

12—Before the end, Dany creates a Parliamentary system and has a constitution written for the rights of all men and women. And the maesters discover the wonders of sanitation and hygiene.

13—As for Theon, he helped save his sister but dies after one dwarf joke too many for Tyrion’s liking. Nah, not really, Theon is the only one to survive out of the original inhabitants of Winterfell. All alone. Never can he go home. He does get one last beating though.

14—Hot Pie survives and become the most famous baker in all the lands for his work in gravy and brown bread.

15—Lord Robin Arryn trips over his own feet and falls through the moon door.

16—Babies: Daenerys has Jon/Aegon’s baby but she dies in child birth. And, Drogon is not a dude. She lays an egg. The baby Targaryen will be named Eddard and his dragon will be named Rob. Yup, Rob the magic dragon.

17—Lyanna Mormont will be surrounded by wights and a White Walker will stroll up as she backs up against a tree. She will say something clever and fierce. Then she will kill the White Walker with a nifty trick but will be overtaken by wights so she stabs herself in the stomach with a dragon-glass dagger to spite them.

18—Before Sir Jaime’s death, he will finally figure out that you can have a sword attached to his prosthetic. He will have his Valyerian steel sword mounted on his arm and have a single giant claw. Won’t save him though because he will die saving his brother.

19—Varys beats up Qyburn with a rather phallic looking club because he had his “little birds” kill someone and thus corrupted their innocence.

20—Missandei is killed by some Sons of the Harpy who joined the Golden Company. Grey Worm slaughters them all and says “They took my fear away and now I will give it to them”. We last see him sailing off to Essos to truly end the remaining Slavers.

21—The other daughters of Oberyn Martell, the four remaining Sand Snakes, will lead Dorne into the fray and clash with the Lannister forces before the great battle begins; thus, compelling Cersei to accept the alliance with the White Walker/Others.     


This is all in fun. Don’t get your chainmail in a bind. Would love to hear any speculation you have. Feel free to comment on any platform this is published on.