One-shot wonder: inFusion, a tale of space oddity, now on comiXology

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Our first one-shot comic book: inFusion is out on Comixology

Over the years, we have found that comic book readers are quite open-minded to new stories by indie authors, but sometimes the comics never finish their run because of funding or contention between creators. This worries those who buy a new independent title as they don't know if they will ever get to find out the ending. This has worried us as well and we will finish all our limited series even if it takes all the change we can fish out of our piggy banks and couches. Another avenue does present though: one-shots.

These self-contained stories, much like the short-story analog in prose, can be utterly satisfying, so we decided to take a step into these waters. We published inFusion and it is available in print through our website but now it is out on Comixology. 

Scifi and the look back to the weird tales comic books.

Looking back to the monster movies and pulp science fiction of the 50's and 60's, the idea of inFusion was born but with the additional knowledge we have about science, technology, and space. It is a basic mystery balanced with a somewhat of a towering inferno structure where destruction looms. The primary artwork is by Pedro Pimentao and the lettering was done by the esteemed Taylor Esposito who has worked on numerous DC Comics titles along with about every other publisher.  

The price on Comixology is quite affordable and we hope you take a chance on this scifi tale of space oddity on a gas mining station in a solar system far away. Some sample pages are below.