Star Wars Myths and Musings. Episode IV: The Limerick Menace

Star Wars myths and musings. Episode IV: the Limerick Menace.

I'm not serious all the time with these posts, so had a little fun and did a rogue one while watching Return of the Jedi on TNT the other day. 


Star Wars limericks: Yoda to Lando Calrissian


There once was a Jedi named Yoda

Who looked like a mini Abe Vigoda

And but of course

He’s strong in the Force

But still ended up on Dagobah


There once was a lovable rogue

Who went by the name Han Solo

Got called a Nerf Herder

But that didn’t matter

Because in the end he was a hero.


There once was Jabba the Hutt

Whose face looked like a butt

He really did squirm

Just like a fat worm

As he choked and his eyes finally shut.


There once was a princess in white

Who really fought the good fight

She inspired little girls

With hair bound in curls

And will forever live on in the light


There once was a young Skywalker

Who got good with a lightsaber

He challenged his foe

And low and behold

It turned out to be his father


There once was an Emperor named Palpatine

Whose face looked like a rotten old nectarine

He embraced the Dark Side

But his face he couldn’t hide

After a mishap with his own Force lightning.


There once was a bounty hunter named Fett

Who had all the guns you could possibly get

He caught a big prize

That lead to his demise

And he fell into the great Carkoon pit.


There once was the battle station Death Star

And you could see it coming from afar

It had a vulnerable port

Quite stupid in short

And a single shot turned it to litter.


There once was a great Wookie named Chewie

Tall as a mammoth and just as wooly

He could pilot a rocket

And pull arms out of sockets

But if winning at Dejarik he’s friendly


There once was a man named Lando Calrissian

Who ran the gas mining colony of Bespin

Rocked a blue cape

Draped from his nape

But wished he still owned the Millennium Falcon


There once was a boy from Tatooine

Becoming a Jedi was his dream

But sometime later

Became Darth Vader

Though through his bold son Luke was redeemed. 


That's all. Could go on forever but feel free to leave your own in the comments section.