The end times are near and the Horsemen ride. Comic book sneak peek.

The end times are near and the Horsemen ride once more.

Discover the devious plot to take over the universe while epic battles in space unfold. Will the Horsemen succeed or will the end times finally come?

This third crucial installment of the limited series reveals deeper secrets about who and what the great nemesis is and how the Horsemen are related. Betrayal!! Love!! Sacrifice!!

The Horsemen ride into the realm of digital comic books once again. Issue #3 will be released on Wednesday February 15th on comiXology for your convenience at a low price.

To begin the journey, you can obtain the prior chronicles on comiXology.

The cover is below and a few choice pages. They are inked pages, not complete, can't give everything away ;)


We will put up a post with an appropriate link and preview pages when it comes out next week on February 15th. Yup, New Comic Book Day!!!!