Hyped-up for Hartford ComiCONN

We always dig our trip up to Hartford. Don't buy the hype about it just being the insurance capital of the world, there's a reason we do this show every year and we are pumped up for this one! 

HCC is our last stop before NYCC. Its our warm up to New York and we usually have a few surprises for our fans. Sometimes even we get surprised!

Right now it looks like Horsemen 3 will be back from the printer well before NYCC. If we get it in by Hartford, we might even be convinced to give you a peek. Of course, you can always put your order in now (and get a discount too!). 

As you may also know, Mark has been homebrewing. Lately at shows, Dr. Entropy's Hefewatiz has been a huge hit. Rumor is there may be a Dunkelwatiz in the works too! Just one more thing we may be convinced to share.

We look forward to seeing you there. As always, anyone who tells us "bird's the word" gets a discount. See you where the Connecticut Yankee wrote about King Arthur's Court!

-The Wayward Raven Crew