Got something special for East Coast Comic Con

This weekend, we'll be doing East Coast Comic Con for the second year in a row, and thought we'd do something kinda special.

Mark, one third of our bird brained bunch, has taken it upon himself to start brewing his own beer. We'd like to introduce you to our first (of many) Doctor Entropy's Experimental Brews: Hefewatzit.

We'll be at Table #722, so stop by. Just be warned, you need to be over 21 (We're checking ID, kids). For more details, check the East Coast Comic Con Event Page.

But wait, there's more!

Deadpool & Princess Peach T-Shirt
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We're also going to have our Deadpool T-Shirts on hand, maybe even in your size!

If you've met us before, you'll remember we had this very same image on a print, but you can't really wear one of those. Well, maybe you can, but it'd get ruined.

In case you did buy a Deadpool print from us before, and want to show us how to wear one, stop by and we'd love to take a picture.

You might even get a special surprise if you do!