Deadpool Says Buy This Shirt!

Let's just get this right out of the way: Deadpool owns the Internet (Damn Straight I do). You can't go anywhere now-a-days (Who writes this crap?) and not see him in some fashion. He's on more teams than Wolverine (Huge Act Man!) in the comics, he's got some of the best one liners next to Spider-man (But he's so dreamy!), and he's got a movie coming up that we're all excited about.

So in an effort to show our love for (Cash in on) Deadpool, we're taking one of our favorite prints, and putting it on a shirt for our fans (You mean my fans!).

We're only doing a limited run of shirts in time for the movie, so act now and get them before they're gone.

(I, Deadpool approve this message)

Goes great with Chimichanga stains!

Deadpool & Princess Peach T-Shirt

Sorry Mario, but your princess is in my castle!

Deadpool is always breaking the fourth wall, and taking whatever he damn well pleases. So it's no surprise that he'd eventually set his eyes on the Mushroom Kingdom's most eligible bachelorette.

Drawn by Alex Sapountzis, artist of Damn Heroes and inspired by his love of all things Nintendo and Deadpool.

Deadpool and Princess Peach are properties of Marvel and Nintendo, respectively. Images used in this product are works of parody and are not associated in any way with the respective owners of these characters.

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