Help us fight Breast Cancer at NYCC 2016. Go Pink!

At New York Comic Con, we can have more than fun, we can help fund research to help eradicate the dread disease that has touched too many. My mother died of cancer on May 11th. There are elegant ways to express the condition of frustration, pain, helplessness and despair, but Deadpool said it well in that it is "A sh*t show." If there is anything I can do to prevent others from going through the years of suffering that the disease put my mother and family through, I will. The disease kills people and kills hopes and dreams. It cripples potential and cares not for age or promises. But we do.

So we are going to get Pink and donate a percentage of our proceeds from our NYCC sales of a new women's t-shirt/product. It will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation to help find a cure for breast cancer.

And, I, Joshua Lee Andrew Jones will match up to $250. Wish I could donate far more but cancer has left me and my family in a state of financial ruin and as I writer and comic book editor, I don't make that much money. 


Our official statement:

During the event known as the New York Comic Con, we at Wayward Raven Media, LLC. hereby elect and promise to donate 10% of all sales from our product, known as the Harley t-shirt, to the Susan G. Komen foundation. A record of sales will be made public and the option of audit to those who purchase said product will be extended. If desired, all who purchase the product can be listed as contributors to our effort in a summary announcement made after the event's conclusion and all considered business is attended. 

This is a link to Susan G. Komen

Thank you for helping us fight this deadly disease.

-Joshua L. A. Jones