Long strange trip. Sharing stories from the past: Grateful Dead edition.


Long Strange Trip, originally titled Dead End, is a personal and gritty screenplay by Joshua Lee Andrew Jones that is based on his real experiences going to Grateful Dead shows as a 15 year old in 1989.  As a part of our new content sharing initiative, some stories not normally developed by us will be given away, and this tale is presented to you for free as a pdf that can be downloaded from Dropbox by using the link at the bottom of this post. The link terminates in 25 days.

We also wish John Mayer good luck with his musical journey with founding members of the Grateful Dead. Funny thing, Joshua went to the same high school in Fairfield, CT as Mr. Mayer and was three years older, but they shared a guitar teacher named Al though Joshua moved to playing bass with a different instructor.


Joshua in 89' with the 69' Splitty VW Bus. 

Joshua in 89' with the 69' Splitty VW Bus. 

The story follows Joaquin Chandler, a misfit among misfits, as he falls in love with a boarding school hippie girl and then pursues her on summer tour while also trying to find a Utopian realm, which sadly never existed. This is a story of self-discovery and shows some of the seedier and sketchy sides of traveling in the mad caravan down to shows and the danger one might have encountered. The "Scene" wasn't all flowers and love. In fact, parts of it were tribal in the worst sense with hierarchy and exclusion.    

Joshua is currently not able to shop around the screenplay to indy producers. He is taking care of his mother who is stricken with cancer but his need to share the story was strong. You never know when the bell tolls for thee and he just wanted to share it and pass along his experiences in fiction based on real events. He would be happy if someone wanted to make a movie out of the script one day but is equally happy just for people to read it and maybe remember the past when we all sought who we were. 

Link for download-> https://www.dropbox.com/s/dqzhpviilquzdrz/LongStrangeTrip.pdf?dl=0