Last Day to Pre-Order The Committee for $2.99!

They say all good things come to an end. For the last month, we've been doing a deal on The Committee by James B. Emmett, as we waited for it to ship from the printer.

Well, it's here now and we're going to be shipping early access copies to whomever pre-ordered the book. Now that the book is going on sale for realsies, we're taking down the pre-order tonight at midnight.

After this point, you'll have to pay full price for issue #1, so act fast, while supplies last!

By the way...

Within the next two weeks, James B. Emmett will be joining us at Special Edition: NYC and we'll be joining him at Flame-con the week after.

Be sure to check our events pages to see our upcoming appearances in case you already have a copy that you need signed, or want a commission.

Or just to stop by, meet us and say hello.

- The Wayward Raven Crew


Sorry, pre-order is over. But you can still pick up The Committee for it's regular price of $3.99!

The Committee #1
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