Defective Geeks talks with James B. Emmett

James stops by to talk with his friends, the Defective Geeks. They talk comics, nerdy stuff and about his latest book, The Committee.

Listen to James on the Defective Geeks Podcast.


They even did some fan art of Meiriev from The Committee!


Want to get a copy of The Committee?

The Committee #1
The Clock has begun its countdown to the end of days. Can The Committee discover its secrets and prevent the apocalypse? The little group of humans, mystics and even an alien find themselves beset upon on all sides and time is running out.
Tick, tock! 

The Committee gather as their leader Skyles reveals that the Clock has started its countdown, which means the apocalypse is coming. The end of the world has to wait however, as an immediate threat presents itself, a town nearby has been seemingly overrun with a potential demon problem. As two members of The Committee, August and Meiriev, journey out to see what the situation is, the others stay behind. However, not all is well at The Committee's HQ as the remaining members of the team, Skyles, Anastasia and Terrence, are attacked. With time continuing to run out and The Committee separated they must do everything they can to survive…and they still have to deal with that pesky apocalypse. 

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