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Sebastian further explores the depths of the Cave of Doom with his erstwhile guide, Benefacio Baggins.

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How did Sebastian end up in his current predicament? Start here with our current arc, Breaking the Fouth, Fifth and Sixth wall.

Damn Heroes Volume 1: The First One

Five years of community service in Hero City is more like five hundred. Just ask Sebastian. After going five miles over the speed limit, that was his sentence. Now he has to find a way to survive being the only normal person in a city of wacky heroes. His parole officer is the world preeminent (yet none to bright) superhero, his landlord is the city's greatest nemesis, and every day the tasks get worse. Get ready to meet giant green chickens, create the worst clones ever and be the entertainment at the home for retired (yet incredibly spry) superheroes.

Welcome to Hero City!

Collects the first two years of the weekly webcomic Damn Heroes.

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If you're a new reader, start from the very beginning with strip 1, Speed Limit.

Or why not pick up our first book, Damn Heroes, Volume 1: The First One. It collects the first two years of Damn Heroes into an easy to ready book!