Signed C: Issue 3 Preview (and Preorder)

Signed C: The Missing #3
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As this con season gets under way, we've been keeping some interesting developments under wrap. One of which was this new site. Hope you are all enjoying it! If you've been paying attention, you may have heard of some new projects under way, along with updates for some of our existing titles.

One thing we want to mention is that we're hard at work on Signed C #3. We're hoping to have it at the printers shortly, but if you can't wait to get it into your hands, we're doing a pre-order of both the Digital and Print books.

Pre-ordering gets you:

  • $1 off the cover price for Print and Digital!
  • Print Comic Pre-orders: FREE Artwork from the book!

Anything Else?

Join us and James B. Emmett at Flame Con 2015!

Join us and James B. Emmett at Flame Con 2015!

We're also getting a few new titles worked out. Have you heard about a little something called The Committee by James Emmett? We're getting that ready to roll out soon as well. For those going to Flamecon this summer, be sure to stop by his table.