Spoiler-Free Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Review


Ok, let me start by saying I hate spoilers. So no, I won't give you any. Go to some other site if you want to ruin the experience for yourself.

So with that out if the way, this movie rocked! Marvel spared no expense on this baby. Big time action and special effects. The 3D I experienced it in was a nice touch, serving to augment the picture nicely. I may be a bit biased, but if you are going to see an action flick, always spend the extra couple bucks and get the glasses. Sure they can be uncomfortable after an hour or two, but I promise with this flick, you'll barely notice.

How was the chemistry you might ask. Was the banter up to snuff? With this cast, how could it not be? Lots of laughs and a few inside jokes for us fans.

As with the last film, everyone played their roles perfectly, almost as if the actors never left the set from the first movie. No one character was given more time than another and every role mattered. 

The threat of Ultron was well done and palatable. The villain and the struggle must make the movie and here was no exception. Ultron is a badass and so are his cohorts.

No strings on me

No strings on me

Well, that's about what I'm willing to tell you. Seriously, go see this movie. What, you still need more incentive? Really? Look, there's plenty of Hulk smashing, Tony making quips, and Natasha kicking ass. If you need more than that, you're beyond my abilities to help. Okay fine, I will spoil one thing for you. Uncharacteristic of Marvel movies, there is no scene at the very end.  Simply a statement that your favorite heroes will be back. So go forth and enjoy them!


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