Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Spoiler Free Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens officially hit theaters this weekend, but there were many advanced previews over the course of the past week. I wasn't one of the lucky few this time, who got an advance copy and was only able to catch a showing last night. I was a bit nervous, in that I might catch a spoiler or two, as I've been trying to avoid as much as possible to come at the movie with fresh eyes. Surprisingly, everyone on social media has been very respectful, and in that same vein like our other reviews, I'm going to keep it spoiler free.

The Force is Strong in this One

In short, you will want to watch this movie. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

We've all had our hearts broken since Phantom Menace. I'm just going to come out and say that. That series, without getting into a flame war, took a beloved story and removed the magic and mystery. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, puts that magic back into our lives and sprinkles it with lots of nostalgia.

Remembering old friends

Star Wars: The Force Awakens reunites some of our favorite characters from the Original Trilogy, while introducing some new ones. It's not without its holes, but it doesn't try to explain every little detail like the Prequels. You know its Star Wars. You know the Empire. You know the Jedi. So let's just tell this new story. There are a few moments of exposition I could have done with out, or felt a little heavy handed, but I think they're trying to bridge the gap between old and potentially new fans.

The Choice for a New Generation

Its pretty obvious they're trying to set up a new franchise and trying to simplify the plot for kids, hoping to make this their generation's Star Wars. I'm cool with that. JJ Abrams (and crew) set up the bad guys, the good guys and leaves some wiggle room for people to grow over the course of a new trilogy in a way that should be easy to follow for even the most casual fans.

I'm going to stop rambling now, as I've been up all night thinking about this movie, and trying to figure out when I can see it again.  I suspect that you will want to see it a few times as well, especially to catch a few of the easter eggs. I tried my best and I'm sure I missed a few, especially some nods to the Expanded Universe, but more on that later. Hopefully, after a few viewings, I'll have a spoiler-full review in the bag.

May the Force be with you