Yes, we here at Under the Aegis enjoy poetry... well one of us does and this one actually has more than a few published. Here's one.

Under Synesthesia

Sight stretched to a thread
tied behind the mind
the knot tightens and cuts
into the available light.
(masked marauders mime a play of cruelty).
Taste with the texture of sand
melts in the forge of breath
and drops as tears to burn
away the memories.
(trembling and thirsty, no water is given).
Sounds of bitter harmony
blend into thick vinegar
a sour damp flavor
rings with the hiss of air.
(the bells and whistles mock rhythm).
Touching the fragrant white
pressure, lavender bleeds in
germinating roots, thin tendrils,
along stale still appendages.
(blood is drawn on the wall).
Scents of violet and platinum light
scatters through a prismatic field
and attaches to the attendants
as they become a transparent illuminated stench.