The Committee Issue #1 Pre-Order

The Clock has begun its countdown to the end of days.

Can The Committee discover its secrets and prevent the apocalypse? The little group of humans, mystics and even an alien find themselves beset upon on all sides and time is running out.

Tick, tock!
— Introducing, The Committee #1
The Committee #1
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Two years ago at New York Comicon, we met a promising young artist and creator, James B. Emmett. Besides being an illustrator and story teller (and HUGE Storm fan), James had a book to pitch us. We loved the idea and agreed to publish his book, The Committee. And now the date of publication draws nigh.

Over the last few months, James has been hard at work writing and illustrating issue #1 of The Committee, toiling endlessly to get it ready. Our own Nimesh Moraji, the colorist on Horsemen issue number 2, breathed technicolor life to James inks. Finally, newcomer Zakk Saam expertly lettered James's story.

Like the titular Committee, these individuals came together to create a masterpiece of fantasy, mystery and suspense. It is out pleasure to announce that issue #1 of The Committee is complete and about to go the printers. 

As a special treat for Wayward Raven fans, we're offering a discounted preorder of the print and digital versions of The Committee. 

  • Print - $2.99 (plus shipping and handling): get a bagged, boarded and signed copy of The Committee.
  • Digital - $0.99: get a PDF of The Committee, as well as a digital print of James's art.